Sun Salutos

App for Surya Namaskar - Revamp

Sun Salutos is a simple mobile application to help counting and pacing Surya Namaskars - a practice in yoga as exercise. 


Problem :  

Sun Salutos current application is very basic and it lacks features to engage the users and encourage them to come back. It's out dated design and not so usable features, hinders new user reach and growth. 

Solution :

Revamp the design, add features that aid new users to stick around, enhanced visuals and design consistency. Making the application interactive and informative. 

Design process

I implemented Interactive Design foundation's design thinking process which is an iterative and non-linear process which contains five phases: 1. Empathise, 2. Define, 3. Ideate, 4. Prototype and 5. Test.

design thinking.webp