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Sandhya Madhuri

User experience researcher | Designer


Case Studies


Fandango is an online movie ticket-selling application that partners with various third- party movie theatres and chains. In spite of it having almost all the required features, there is a significant division of online ticket buyers among other websites. Additionally, Fandango users are unhappy with how the existing website works. Hence, I have considered redesigning the website. The first step in the journey is to conduct user research. This report provides thorough insights into my research findings and proposed solutions.

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The users of the American Parkinson Disease Association Wisconsin Chapter site consist of local volunteers, donors, and people with Parkinson’s Disease. Hence, our users span a wide range of ages and levels of computer literacy, and also come with very different sets of goals. For our redesign project, it will be important for us to capture the needs of all of these users and make clear to them which content will help them achieve their goals. Our mission and vision for this redesign is to increase the accessibility, discoverability, and ease of navigation of the APDA Wisconsin site.

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