Know me..

Hello!! I am Sandhya Madhuri.I have been doing photography for 8 years now. I love exploring different art forms and thats how I found weaving tapestries.I am self taught photographer and weaver.I guess pottery is next.


I have done many photography assignments personal and professional. So with the weaving. I have commissioned many wall tapestries and bookmarks. 


To tell more about me,I love coffee shops. Please consider me if there is a full time job that allows me to visit all the coffee shops in the world. I love travel and collecting antiques. Antiques tell a silent story that excites me. Cactus and Bougenville are my favourites in plants. 

I love Italian food but I hate Tomatoes. So may be I will say, I love all Italian dishes that come in white. 


I am all open to collaborate and work together if you find my work relatable. Do not hesitate to contact me !!

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